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Is your businesses struggling to recover from COVID-19? We can help you get back on track!

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Use Performance Marketing to get more revenue & improve your bottom line


Not every business is the same, and finding a marketing agency that can understand your business goal (and how to help you reach it) is not easy. That’s where Searchlight comes in.

Searchlight Solutions consists of experts in various fields, so we have you covered from every angle. We have been in the marketing game for over a decade, so we know what works and that will save you money (and time!). Think of Searchlight Solutions as your CMO; we’ll take care of marketing so you can take care of business – easy as that.

Searchlight Solutions works a little differently than most marketing agencies. We take care of everything marketing for you – we’re your outsourced Marketing Department. Need to send some emails to your customers? We got it covered. Not sure what sales you should line up for the year? Not only will we put it together, but we’ll also implement it and strategize the best discounts. Social media a little confusing? We’ll create a posting calendar and put together all the social media posts for you (and post them!). Need a change on your website? No problem. You get all of this from one place – easy peasy.


Taking your online business to the next level

With years of proven experience, Searchlight Solutions can take your business to new heights. Whether your goal is to drive more sales, find new leads, just get your business out there, we can create a strategy that works.

Searchlight has grown companies from $0 to millions and increased profit margins for all types of businesses. Whether you are local business, selling products or services, online brand or a bootstrap startup... we've helped them all achieve access through creative online marketing strategies!

Grow your local business


Wondering why your local shop is seeing less foot traffic? The world has become online-focused, and a lot of local businesses are left behind – don’t be one of them! Searchlight Solutions will get you seen where it counts: online.

All companies, even those that are not online business, should have a business-focused strategy with measurable results.

In today’s digital world, all businesses need an online presence, even those who offer their services to a local area. With sites like Yelp and Google, your business is one search away from a potential customer, and you must have everything in place to bring in those customers.

Luckily for you, we’ve helped multiple local businesses get back on track (and beyond!) – here’s one of them.



Bring in the money with your online business

Most online business platforms claim to have built-in marketing tools (looking at you WooCommerce!) to help your business, However, these tools don’t have the customization necessary to make them truly successful. Your business is unique; therefore, your marketing strategy should be unique as well.

There are lots of online business marketing agencies out there, but we are proud of the fact that we’re the only ones to have spent our own money to build an online business brand from the ground up – and now that brand is an industry leader. Here’s how we helped : Epic Watch Bands.


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