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Meet your business goals and grow your online business by implementing and executing the right marketing strategies. We will guide your business to success by driving sales and increasing profit for maximum results.

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Push Your Marketing Strategy in the Right Direction

Searchlight Solutions understands that the road to success isn’t always a straight shot to the top. It has ups and downs and set-backs. We can help you get you and your business back on track and better than ever.

Coming up with an effective marketing strategy is, of course, very important. However, the execution is critical. No matter how great your marketing strategy is, if it is not implemented in the right way and at the right time, it will become a waste of time and money. Searchlight has the marketing consulting experience to not only come up with a winning marketing strategy, but also verify it’s done properly. This will allow you to focus on everything else your business needs, like customer service and product development.

We will work with you every step of the way to strategize with your business goals in mind. Our promise to you is simple, we will get things done and we will get them done right.

Optimize Your Sales Funnel

Step One


The more familiar people become with your business, the more likely they are to make a purchase. You want to show your ad to the right people, at the right time, using the right form of advertising.

Step Two


To get potential customers’ attention, you need an innovative product that people want – or create a need for it. Whether it’s through a funny ad-copy or an informative video ad, you want people to be engaged.

Step Three


You have a cool product? Great! Now make people want it. Consumers are bombarded with ads daily – make sure yours stands out. Competition is not friendly in the world of marketing so you need to play the game right.

Step Four


Push customers in the right direction by offering multiple options in order to switch their mentality from “should I buy?” to “which one do I buy?” Apart from that, make it easy to navigate your site and make it flow the way a potential customer would expect it to.

Step Five


There’s more to it than ‘Add to Cart.’ You want to make sure that the process is simple and efficient. If you add too many steps to the check-out process, people might not want to finish the transaction.

Step Six


Something that is often over-looked when it comes to marketing is bringing the customer back after they’ve made a purchase. Make them love your business/product/website so much that they’ll keep coming back for more!

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