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Is your businesses struggling to recover from COVID-19? We can help you get back on track!

Grow Your Local Business

Searchlight Solutions has helped local businesses bring in new customers to help them thrive and succeed.


Do you have the correct online marketing Strategy?


Many local business owners make the mistake of skipping online marketing because they think it’s not for them, and that is a costly mistake. More than ever, potential customers are looking online for the best of the best! If you don’t have an online presence, you could be missing out big time.


You Are One Search Away From Your Next Customer


What You’ll Need for Success


A High Performing Website

Have you ever gone to a website that wouldn’t load properly? Frustrating, isn’t it? Our team of highly skilled web developers and graphic designers will create and build a website that is uniquely yours – and that works perfectly!.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

With the growth of review sites like Yelp, it’s not only essential to gather reviews, but learn the marketing psychology behind them. We can teach you how turn reviews into viral marketing tools supercharge your business.

The Right Marketing Strategy

We work with you to create an online marketing strategy specifically made for YOU. Every business is unique with different budgets, verticals, and business objectives, and we understand the different aspects that go into marketing strategies.


How Searchlight Can Help

Proven Success

Have you ever seen a marketing agency that has built their own business from the ground up as an experiment in strategy? Well, we have. Even better, we want to share everything we learned with you! You get access to all of our winning marketing strategies, so you, too, can be successful.

We’re Always On Your Side

Searchlight Solutions works as your CMO/Marketing Department so you can take care of your business, and we’ll work on bringing you customers. Our fees are structured so that we are always in step with you. We will never bully you into spending more money than you are able to, and we’ll always stick to the budgets you give us. It’s that simple.

Performance Driven

We know what works, and that’s what we’ll do to bring your local business to the top. Our 360-degree strategy ensures that (you get the) best bang for your marketing budget!.


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