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Epic Watch Bands Case Study



Searchlight has taken Epic Watch Bands from a bootstrap startup to become the world’s leading online store for third party Apple Watch bands.



Full Marketing Suite including:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Community Engagement


e-Commerce - Consumer Goods & Services


The Background

In the months leading up to summer 2017, two hardcore Apple fans were tired of the same old watch bands that came with their Apple Watches. However, when they began buying bands from alternate sources, they realized that finding non-Apple bands that are made from premium materials was harder than they thought. Wondering if anyone else had gotten frustrated with the quality of third party bands, they decided they were going to start reviewing different types of bands from many different manufacturers in search of the best quality they could find - and with that, Epic Watch Bands (Epic) was created!


The Challenge

Epic had found the perfect bands to sell but had one problem - no website to sell them on! They weren’t sure how to not only execute a functional website, but also set up a comprehensive marketing strategy to build an audience and be able to sell their third-party Apple Watch bands. Without a website and no online presence, Epic Watch Bands needed a performance based marketing strategy to quickly gain online revenue and increase brand awareness. That’s where Searchlight Solutions came in.


We started as a brand nobody had ever heard of... within 6 months Searchlight helped us not only generate 150+ orders per day, but also helped create a solid digital footprint...

- Michael Cech, CEO of Epic Watch Bands


The Execution

As a performance based marketing agency, Searchlight Solutions put together an extensive marketing strategy that included a fully functional and beautifully designed website, online marketing campaigns, all social media channels and even put together a strategy for email marketing. Searchlight built the website to improve the sales flow, making it much easier for consumers to buy, while still keeping a modern and clean design. Working alongside Epic to understand their customer base, Searchlight created online marketing campaigns to get the brand in front of those specific audiences. Using multiple advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), the Epic Watch Bands brand was able to reach many potential buyers. Once sales started coming in, Searchlight was able to start optimizing the campaigns strategically and continued making changes to the website based on client and customer feedback. Most importantly, Searchlight focuses on the numbers - in the end, we want to make you money - and with our previous experience, we were able to put goals in place (and what needed to happen in order to reach them).


The Results

Searchlight not only hit the expected goals - they exceeded them!

Within 6 months, Epic was generating 150+ orders per day and generating over $500,000 in sales. Searchlight helped Epic gain a social following with innovative and viral campaigns to introduce and drive brand awareness, while generating sales and profitability along the way.

Searchlight also advised Epic through sales-focused marketing strategies and online business process improvements. This allowed Epic to break $1.5 million in their first calendar year.

Forecasted to exceed $4 million in their second calendar year in business, Epic is now the unquestioned leader in their industry.

Searchlight Solutions is an integral partner for Epic Watch Bands. Beyond helping jumpstart a new business, Searchlight has been instrumental in Epic’s meteoric growth in the long term.

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